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Our Services


Did a pipe burst in the middle of the night? Is your basement flooded? Solid Plumbing offers 24-hour emergency services Call 580-353-2863 today! How Can We Improve Your Plumbing?
Are you dealing with a plumbing leak or break? Have you finally decided you deserve that new bathroom? Don´t trust just anybody with a wrench to work on your plumbing, call the proven pro at Solid Plumbing in Lawton, Oklahoma. Our guys can handle both residential and commercial plumbing work.


Get it fixed the right way, right away in Lawton,Oklahoma! There are two kinds of plumbing repairs: there are the repairs that aren´t urgent such as clogs, and those that require immediate attention, such as leaks. Solid Plumbing will be there for you whenever you need us for plumbing repairs. When it comes to water, most repairs won,t wait until the next business day. That,s why we offer emergency repair services. Call 580-353-2863 whenever you need plumbing repairs in the Lawton, OK area. Don´t sweat a leaky pipe or non-functioning faucet. Our plumber will fix the problem in record time.


Want a new bathtub? Need a new toilet? Our pro will get your new equipment hooked up quickly.

Our licensed plumbers are ready to handle plumbing replacements when you´re in need of service. We can also upgrade your existing features, such as faucets and garbage disposals, when you need to improve what you have. Call 580-353-2863 today for plumbers you can trust to do the job right in the Lawton, OK area.

New Construction Installation

Are you an Oklahoma homebuilder? Subcontract your plumbing work to a reputable expert.

We Handle All Kinds of Installations in Lawton, OK


He may be nice, but don´t let your carpenter attempt the plumbing work related to your bathroom or kitchen remodel! For the best results, hire our plumber. Work with a plumbing expert! Our plumber is knowledgeable about sinks, faucets, drains, toilets, bathtubs, leak detection, hydro jetting, gas lines, pressure tests, garbage disposals, water heaters and more.

Know When to Call

Solid Plumbing in Lawton, OK, is home to those experts. Fully licensed and bonded, our contractors can handle any pipe issue from residential plumbing to minor industrial projects. With 24-hour emergency services, we´ll be there when you need us most.

There are many signs that you need plumbers to look at the plumbing in your home or office. Solid Plumbing is prepared to handle all types of commercial and residential plumbing repairs. Call us when you notice:

  Low water pressure

  Drainage trouble

  Discolored water

Commercial AND Residential

Solid Plumbing offers professional plumbing services you can trust for your commercial or residential property. Our skilled plumbers have experience with plumbing installations of all types, including:

  Bathroom and kitchen faucets


  Water heaters


  Garbage disposals

  Water lines

  Sewer lines